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our story

Coast Mountain Brewing opened it's doors late summer 2016 joining an incredible craft beer scene right here in beautiful British Columbia. Designed and built by the Winter family and friends, Coast Mountain focuses on complex, flavourful & sessionable beers. Initially brewing North American influenced ales and lagers, with a passion to explore beyond to historical recipes from traditional brewing regions across Europe. Coast Mountain's sour series has already begun with a small barrel program in the works. Our tasting room is where you will find a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere built for the mountainside local and enjoyed by the tourist from far and wide.  

In addition to our tasting room, our beers can be found here in Whistler BC throughout many of the local hotel lounges, bars, neighbourhood pubs and liquor stores.





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2-1212 Alpha Lake Rd.

Function Junction
Whistler, BC VON 1B1


Sun-Wed 12pm - 10 pm
Thurs-Sat 11am - 12am

Our Beers

Our signature IPA is a massive hop forward beer built with a solid structure to showcase the hop characters that shine in this American IPA. We poured so much love into this beer, it's quickly become a favourite!
Brewed with specialty barley malts showcasing biscuits, crackers and light caramels with a pleasant back note of grapefruit provided from the generous use of Cascade hops. This is the perfect lifestyle wrapped up in a pint, always evolving, relaxed & full of flavour.

The Surveyor IPA

Our Signature IPA at 7% ABV and 68IBUs is a massive hop-forward ale, built with solid structure to showcase the hops that shine in this Pacific North West IPA. Columbus, Chinook,Ekuanot & Citra drive the hop flavour. We poured so much love into this the Brewmaster's favourite.  


Treeline Lager

Our go-to, any day Lager, built crisp, clean and tasty with traditional ingredients sourced directly from Germany. Brewed repeatedly in small batches for an incredibly fresh taste. You're welcome 



Field Guide Ale

German and English specialty malts provide a beautiful body of biscuits, crackers and light caramels. While generous additions of Cascade hops lead us into to a pleasurable back note of grapefruit. This is the perfect lifestyle wrapped up in a pint, always evolving, relaxed & full of flavour. 




Sunbreak Saison

Sunbreak is a French Farmhouse Ale, brewed with a select combination of ingredients including Simcoe and Ekuanot hops so incredibly tasty, it's ridiculous. We taste berry, lime, papaya, pine and fresh peppers, but you don't have to. Enjoy. 




Fire Steel Red Ale

Our NorthWest Red Ale is brewed with six carefully selected specialty malts and an intense burst of flavour stemming from Simcoe, Centennial & Chinook hops. High in the mountains, Fire Steel shines with flavour. 





Forecast gives us a peak into the future where fairer days breed serious mountain Apres sessions. The incredible Amarillo dry-hops here add tremendous, beautiful fresh-squeezed juice like character. This weeks forecast is looking pretty tasty! 




A monstrous hop bomb of epic proportions. Dry-hopped every three days during maturation for weeks on end to create one of the stickiest of ickiest beers on the planet. Columbus, Citra, Amarillo & Cascade hops run the table on this one. 



bonfire stout

The snow is flying, the mountains have opened up, it’s time we released a dark and foreboding Stout. Bonfire is rich, bold and full of roasted barley and chocolate malts with a hint of campfire smoke lurking in the background. Tame the beast. Drink the pudding. 


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2-1212 Alpha Lake Rd.
Function Junction, Whistler BC  V0N 1B1

Hours of Operation
Sunday to Wednesday 12pm - 10pm
Thursday to Saturday 11am - 12am